Our Executive Team

Tonie Amos

CEO & Founder, 

Personalised Online Directories Pty Ltd

Bachelor of Science (Psychology) Honours, UNSW
Master of Science (Organisational Psychology), Uni of London
Registered Psychologist

"I am a Business Psychologist and change management specialist first.
My ongoing mission is to close the gap between the technology offer and what businesses need today.
That is, make technology work for business, not the other way around.

The internet has changed the way businesses make contact with potential customers to make more sales.
It has also changed the way customers and consumers find products and services that best suit their needs.

IT experts help businesses navigate through this overwhelming, constantly changing online marketing world.
Their advice such as 'develop website content to rank higher on search engines'
infers that technology, rather than customer needs, are driving online behaviour.

I am about finding out what customers need when they buy, then setting up the online environment to support that.

With the support of a highly experienced Executive Team, I believe we have developed a quick, simple and cost effective solution
for advertisers to take charge in the online marketing world
and provide our customers with a more personalised experience when finding products & services on the internet."

Tonie has significant experience as a business owner (formerly iChange Management),
in addition to senior management roles with corporate, blue chip companies and government departments.
She has also worked as as a Sydney, Melbourne and UK-based (Cambridge) Management Consultant.

Jim Bennett


Personalised Online Directories Pty Ltd

As a long time small business owner and an expert in advertising and marketing,
I struggled in the past with the rise of online marketing.
Generating new leads for my business became more challenging as the internet took over the business world.
Like other small businesses, I have been through the pain of searching and hiring expensive IT experts to rate my business highly on Google -
only to get very few real enquiries to get a return on my investment.

It wasn't so long ago when all I needed to do was allocate advertising in my budget for a Yellow Pages listing.
How times have changed.

I am now very proud to be part of developing an online service that small business owners appreciate.
In addition, I know the customers I have dealt with over the years,
such as public schools, catholic schools, hotels, clubs and churches
need an online solution exactly like SuppliersOnline.com.au.
They are always looking to broaden their range of suppliers."

Jim has extensive experience in the sales, marketing, print and signage industries.
He is also former President of three community sporting organisations - including touch football and soccer.

He is the founder and Director of Electronic Signs Pty Ltd,
a successful small business that supplies electronic and general signage for
schools, hotels, clubs, pubs, nurseries and churches.
See more at ElectronicSigns.com.au.