Our Company

Personalised Online Directories Pty Ltd

Proudly Australian owned and operated, our head team is based in Sydney.
We are a group of business, finance, marketing and technology professionals.
Through our experience, we understand the challenges people have everyday in finding what they need and want online,
where products and services are often presented in a disorganised and impersonal manner.
Likewise we understand the challenges small business and large corporations have in advertising in this emerging digital world.

Our system combines the best of technology and business to help our customers find what they want and need through:

      ✔ Our network of customised websites
      ✔ Premium domain names that attract attention and are easy to remember (ie: the name speaks for itself)
      ✔ Industry contacts and large customer databases
      ✔ Offering a free service for all customers to search and source suppliers - via both online search and manual matching
      ✔ Best product/service & location search available in Australia
      ✔ Offering a great service for suppliers by providing an easy DIY service so they can easily customise content to help each type of customer

Our trademark is:

Your personalised online space to find what you want ™

We look forward to welcoming you to our Group and seeing you online soon!

Your sincerely

The Executive Team
Personalised Online Directories Pty Ltd.


Why are we different?

We are like Alibaba, yet we are more personalised - with tailored content for particular business (B2B) markets.
We are an online directory matching service where customers can find suppliers, products and services - tailored to their needs.

We are also different to online search engines and directories;
where search results for customers are based on technology-driven algorithms that continually change, and adhoc and impersonal keyword systems.
At SuppliersOnline.com.au suppliers, products and services are search ranked by an inbuilt logical business process,
where suppliers are in control of their own advertising and search results placement.

Via our range of markets, our customers have access to a broader range of suppliers, products or services at the click of a button.

In summary our customers save TIME and MONEY with our world class system that combines the best of online direct and manual matching systems.

DIY Online Marketing System

With the best Do-it-Yourself Online Marketing System in Australia,
our advertisers no longer need expensive and time consuming IT professionals to market their business online.
Suppliers can "be their own geek" and advertise online to their target markets,
and offer products and services for that market, in an instant.

Our system is designed to be used by business owners and their staff, not technical people.
 A digital platform that CONNECTS the right advertisers with the right customers, quickly and easily.

The benefit to our customers is that they know any supplier they source from one of our websites
will treat them as their PREFERRED CUSTOMER -
so they get great pricing, product and service quality.

30 Websites

Our customers are easily directed to 30 websites that are customised or personalised to their business needs, at 

Company Details

Company Name: Personalised Online Directories Pty Ltd
Address: PO Box 6105 Narraweena, Sydney Australia 2099
ACN: 167 524 398
Email: hello@pandasearch.com.au